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When one speaks of “doing something with love” it means giving more than just skill. You must provide your long years of experience, your skill as a craftsman and especially your heart. This is precisely what we have been doing for the past twenty years in the production of books for our customers from all over the world.

We have acquired the best possible know-how and enriched it with our own knowledge. Today we have state-of-the-art machinery at our disposal. It is situated in our own air-conditioned premises and operated by experts with twenty years of experience and practice. We treat every order like a child, taking care of it so that it grows in beauty and perfection. We treat it with love. We are also almost the only printing house in the Czech Republic involved in hybrid book production and are able to produce runs of one to one thousand copies.




In the 'Prepress' department we try to find out as best possible the ideas that you, our customers, have and thus prepare rapid and problem-free production. In this department we work with professional software, with which we check and process your PDF documents.

Press represents one of the most important production phases in the preparation of book publications. We are aware of this and therefore we try to fulfil our undertaking of reliability and quality towards you, our customers, as best possible.
The correct selection of the binding and its preparation is of key importance for a publication, especially with regard to its attractive appearance on the bookshelf, comfort of reading and general lifespan. We offer our customers, with regard to the purpose of the publication, both classical types of binding and new, non-traditional processing. Absolutely everyone will find what he is looking for in our wide selection – just see for yourself.
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