About PBtisk Inc.

The PBtisk Company was founded in Příbram in 1990 by Pavel Baštář.

Thanks to its customer-oriented approach and superior services, the company soon acquired a large number of happy customers and quickly grew. Development didn’t take place only on the level of economic indicators, but also in terms of the number and qualifications of employees, product quality and service provision. The company has placed its bets on cooperation with renowned producers of presses, primarily from Germany and Japan. From the mid 90s, the company started to systematically focus on complete book production and currently ranks among the leading producers in Central Europe.

PBtisk a.s., currently has 130 employees, who produce about 3000 book titles every year. Both the ISO 9001-based quality assurance system and top-notch technology enhance product quality. Our happy customers may be found in most of the European Union countries... we would be honoured to count you among them.



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